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about their spying on angela merkel and other foreign leaders. >> will we apologize to angela merkel? >> reporter: but america's spy agencies were not apologizing to anyone claiming instead that all countries spy. >> some of this reminds me of a lot of the classic movie "casa blanca," my god, there is gambling going on here. it is the same thing. >> do you believe the allies have conducted at any time any type of espionage element against the u.s., our leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> reporter: they also strongly denied reports of mass collection of phone records on countries such as france and spain. what is most surprising is france, germany, more than 30 leaders in all. an invasion of privacy the u.s. has not denied. what the administration will also not explain is how president obama didn't know, as the white house claims. >> if the president didn't know, he certainly should have known. one would think that if he didn't know, he would have demanded the resignations of those who should have briefed him. >> reporter: current and former officials say obama may not have known
. word from edward snowden that the u.s. has eavesdropped on frenchmen, even on angela merkel's cell phone. a furious merkel called president obama to complain. >> the president spoke to angela merkel, reassured her that the president is not and will not monitor the chancellor's communications. >> reporter: but the white house did not deny that it had happened. >> is not monitoring, will not monitor. i think you're missing a tense there. you've got your president progressive there, you got your simple future, but you're missing your past progressive. >> reporter: the secretary of state has been putting out fires here, there and everywhere. especially over u.s. policy toward syria. after two years of war and the assad regime's chemical attack killing more than a thousand civilians, including children, the saudis accused president obama of backing down, even helping assad butcher his own people. >> the shameful way that the world community accepts the impunity of the butcher of syria is a blot on the conscience of the world. >> reporter: furious that the u.s. did not carry out its thre
a month according to el mundo. germany today called for an investigation into nsa's tapping of angela merkel's personal cell phone. the interior minister said the chancellor was spied on which violates german law. he threatened to expel any u.s. diplomats involved. european parliament members from germany and spain descended on washington demanding answers from congressional intelligence committees and threatening sanctions. >> it is not acceptable for example that espionage on chancellor merkel and others. >> we are asking ourselves if now the u.s. or nsa is considering merkel a terrorist. >> reporter: the president didn't know merkel's phone was targeted. is that possible? the diplomatic disaster based on leaks from edward snowden. i asked his intermediary journalist glen greenwald speaking to us from rio. is it credible he would not know? >> unfortunately it is credible. because the nsa has become this rogue agency that really goes off on its own and does whatever it wants. i'm not sure which is scarier, that the president did know and approved it and is now lying about it or that
like angela merkel, the german chancellor. the germans are really upset about this. they're calling for an investigation. even some democrats are saying it's over the top to tap cell phones of our allies like senator dianne feinstein. her senate intelligence committee may also be looking into this. in a statement, she said "with respect to nsa collection of intelligence on leaders of u.s. al allies, let me state unequivocally, i am totally opposed. i do not believe the united states should be collecting phone calls or e-mails of friendly presidents and prime ministers." like merkel. that's why the eu, the european union, has people here in washington asking questions, and now am a senior administration official says they may phase out that part of the program. richard? >> tracie, the white house hoping october ends very, very soon. thank you so much. >>> this morning 24 states are marking a somber anniversary. one year ago today hurricane sandy made landfall. nbc's jay gray joins us from along the jersey shore. jay, you were reporting on this very story a year ago. one criticism tha
obama. number three is xi juping. and german chancellor angela merkel is five. >>> sports is next, including a big announcement from iverson and beckham. >>> plus, a spooky halloween trivia question for you. according to a recent survey, what percentage of you believe in ghosts? is it 15%, 25%, 35%, or 45%? the spooky answer when "early today" returns. they say no good deed goes unpunished. and some days it seems true. but we keep on doing the things that matter& like buying new raspberry 5 hour energy. from now to the end of the year, a portion of each sale... benefits living beyond breast cancer, to empower women affected by breast cancer. new raspberry 5 hour energy. it's one good deed that will go just right. >>> mm-mm. so before the break, we asked you, according to a recent survey, which percentage of americans believe in ghost that answer? yeah! 45% of you believe in ghosts, or that, the spirits themselves of dead people can come back in certain places and situations. but listen to this, 43% do not think they can harm or interact with the living. there you go. >>> now, let'
's angela merkel's personal cell phone, in her case for more than a decade, all from what they call do dos nest. a cia inside of berlin. how did the man who won the nobel peace prize become the subject of europe's scorn. the white house can thank nsa leaker, edward snowden. president obama has had to apologize to hollande, merkel, and current and former leaders in mexico and president ruseff who even canceled a state visit to washington she was so angry. while the nsa scandal is also causing protests at home, with european allies, it could cost serious money. the european union, america's largest trading partner, is threatening to cancel pending trade talks in the u.s. >> when we're doing this in germany, france, great britain, other nations we've been allied with in fighting al qaeda, invading libya, these kinds of things just trample trust. >> the administration and its defenders say most of the spying is legitimate for the protection of the u.s. and its allies. >> so a bad guy in afghanistan can use networks in france or germany or great britain or the united states and plan operations
chancellor angela merkel's phone for years. both countries say they will work together to make sure the relationship is in tact. spain and france are also unhappy they were spied on. the white house says nsa procedures were being, are being reviewed. >> we need to ensure that we are collecting information not just because we can, but because we should. >> the white house also says president obama was not aware that the nsa was spying on world leaders. the leak came from documents stolen by former nsa contractor edward snowden, who is currently hiding in russia. >>> the fbi officially has a new leader tonight. president obama swore in james combmy today at fbi headquarters. the 52-year-old actually began his duties last month when robert muller resigned after 12 years as director. he is well liked by lawmakers. he was confirmed by the senate 93-1. he's a former federal prosecutor and was number two in command at the justice department. >>> in the u.s. senate, majority leader harry reid is promising to bring a gay rights bill to the floor before this thanksgiving. in recent years, the
is there as well as pope francis. angela merkel, chancellor of germany, comes in at number five and is the highest ranked woman. the list has 72 people on it. >>> nsa leaker edward snowden has a new job. he's now working a technical support job for one of russia's largest websites. snowden's attorney will not say which website. russia granted snowden asylum back in august. here in the u.s., snowden faces espionage charges for releasing information on the nsa's surveillance programs. snowden starts his new job tomorrow. >>> cuts to the food stamp program begin tomorrow. more than 47 million americans who get food stamps will see their benefits drop. it's the end of a temporary benefit from the 2009 economic stimulus. that stimulus boosted food stamp dollars. it means the family of four getting food stamps will start receiving $36 less each month. one in seven americans receive food stamps. >>> a bay area tech company is undergoing a massive expansion and going global. coursera, mountain view, offers online college level courses. it announced a partnership with the state department and seven interna
reports also that the u.s. is also spying on germany including chancellor angela merkel. why there, the lawmaker says snowden gave him a letter in which he asks the united states to stop treating him like a traitor. the u.s. has not responded. >>> okay. call it the other push to go green. as the movement to legalize marijuana gains steam, there's one aspect of the debate that may not be getting enough attention. >> we're talking about the impact to our environment. our investigative reporter traveled across the state to expose the damage done by many pot growers. >> unfortunately, this is becoming a common practice. we found that many growers are trespassing on to national parks and tribal land. they are using highly toxic pesticides to grow pot. the effects are real and deadly. flying high above some of the count country's most well-known national parks. the kings canyon south of yosemite. look closely and you'll see it. thousands of acres on or near u.s. forest service land used as marijuana grow sites. >> it's a huge problem. it's almost an epidemic in our community. >> reporter
spying on friendly foreign leaders like angela merkel and scathing statements from two top senators on the intelligence committee. president obama is promising to scale back intelligence collection, saying that just because the spy agencies can do something, doesn't mean they should. and moving now towards banning spying on friendly foreign leaders. >>> today the head of the nsa will have to face the house intelligence committee as calls for reform mount across europe and at home. european parliament members even came to the u.s. to protest america's targeting of german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone. >> we are asking ourselves if now the u.s. or the nsa is considering merkel a terrorist? >> reporter: senate intelligence chair dianne feinstein ordered a review saying i do not believe the united states should be collecting phone calls or emails of friendly presidents and prime ministers. republican susan collins quickly followed saying, "i know of no justification for the administration's collection of intelligence on the leaders of our closest allies, such as chancellor angel
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10